The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

Gerald Dowd and Rachel Drew have been performing together since 2015. This singer-songwriter duo offers up close harmony with acoustic guitars. Richard Milne of XRT has described Gerald Dowd as “the hardest working drummer in Chicago,” but he is also a prolific and accomplished songwriter. Describing Dowd's 2014 release, "Home Now," No Depression wrote of its "hook-heavy, cleverly crafted tunes....with humor and catchy melodies, influenced by everything from country to rock to R&B, all tied together with a great pop sensibility." More at: Rachel Drew grew up in a musical household in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. She began writing songs in 2007, performs with her originals band, in duos, and sings with bands like Peter Joly Group and The Imperial Sound. More at: See Less