Glass Mountain w/ Working Mother

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn


Glass Mountain

Inspired by a love of old-time and early country, Sara Leginsky, Ari Bolles, Jess McIntosh and Emily Nott make music that captures the grit and beauty of the American folk tradition. Their shows have the raw, spontaneous energy of an old time jam and the soulful intent of a gospel hymn.

The singers and multi-instrumentalists first met through their involvement in Chicago’s folk music scene, and quickly found a kinship playing heartsick love songs, dark mountain ballads, and blazing fiddle tunes.

Working Mother

Working Mother is Rachel Swain and Sara Jean Stevens.

"We’re like your mom in the 70s before she had you. She drove a pickup, rode horses, and was as sweet as a cold beer on a hot & dusty summer day."